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  Guardian Angel understands the extreme sensitivity involved in locating a missing child. This is an operation of patience and persistence. It is imperative that you have a solid intervention plan in place as soon as possible. To become overzealous while searching for a missing person is one of the worst things you could possibly do. Loved ones of a missing child think and react purely on emotion.
  Unfortunately, the best of intentions can often times end up causing significant problems and possibly jeopardize the investigation. For example, when trying to locate a runaway, asking the wrong person the wrong question can tip off the missing child causing him/her to go further into hiding. One must not forget you are dealing with a missing child who is reluctant to return from where they came.
  By compiling all available information first, setting forth a viable strategy, and then proceeding with extreme caution, Guardian Angel has been able to provide successful runaway recovery with unsurpassed results.

Flight Risk
Check List:

  • Contact your local police department (Missing Persons department when applicable) and have your missing child filed as a “runaway” and listed with N.C.I.C. (National Crime Information Center). Be sure the runaway alert directs the child to be taken into custody.

  • Keep a journal of everyone you talk with. Include name, time, date, department, and comments. Use this journal for all personal and professional contacts made.

  • Locate most recent photos of your child. Try to find pictures with front and side profiles.

  • Make a detailed inventory of what you believe your child may have on his/her person including: type of clothing, money, credit cards, cell phone, back pack, sleeping bag…

  • Check your telephone caller I.D. and log all incoming numbers stored in it. If your child has a phone in his/her room press redial and make a note of the number.

  • Contact your local telephone company. Make sure you have the most sophisticated version of caller I.D. added to any telephone number you own.
  • Purchase the latest caller I.D. unit from a local retailer.
  • Do not alert others that you are securing outside assistance to locate your child.
  • When talking to other siblings be careful not to divulge information regarding the retaining of missing person investigators. Children most often mean well, but can alert your missing child if contact is made.
  • Contact friends and family that your child may communicate with. Inform them that your child is missing and may attempt to contact them. Ask that they relay a simple message to your son/daughter in the event that contact is made. The message should express love and concern, but not threats or punishment. Ask to be notified if he/she contacts them to let you know that they are safe. Be careful about pressing for too much information as others may side with your child and inform them that you are acting suspicious.
  • Let us lead the way

  • Secure an 800 number for your residence. Give this number to everyone you think your child may contact. Tell them it is so your child can call home anytime from anywhere. Stress, again, your utmost concern is for your child’s welfare.

  • If your missing child makes contact with you reassure them. Be careful about saying you are not upset or angry with their circumstance. Many runaways will find that suspicious. Stress that you are very concerned for their safety. Do not overly press for information. This too can make you look suspect.

  • Keep all contact information and the journal with you at all times. You never know when you may need it.
  • Prepare an intervention plan in advance. For example: Will you be needing secured holding or secured transporting to prevent your runaway from leaving once they are taken into custody. Do not wait until your child is located or returns home on their own before you hastily attempt to construct an  intervention plan.
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