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To The Parent:

  Every moment spent reviewing your child’s life, steps that have led up to what is now only inevitable (adolescent intervention), will likely be one, if not the most, emotionally draining experience of your lifetime. While gathering the courage and strength to dramatically stop your child’s downward spiral, you will be mentally, physically, and financially taxed beyond what you may have thought possible. You will constantly be challenged by tough choices and second guessing of your decisions. 

    We at Guardian Angel Youth Services are here to provide
professional intervention during your time of need!

Crisis Resolution

  Guardian Angel was formed with two primary objectives: First, to provide a safe and secure transition for adolescents in need of professional intervention, and second, to provide service that goes beyond the child, extending to the entire family.

Initiating adolescent intervention with a positive start is of the essence. Getting the child safely (physically & emotionally) to their destination always take precedence.
  Guardian Angel consistently maintains the highest level of successful interventions by putting safety first and never forgetting that each child and his/her situation is different.

  Guardian Angel Youth Services is committed to serving you in your time of need with unsurpassed professional intervention, integrity, and compassion for your entire family.


Professional Intervention

To the Professional:

  Guardian Angel Youth Services is a full service adolescent intervention agency specializing in three divisions: Secured Transporting, Secured  Holding, and Missing Person / Runaway Recovery.
  For over a decade, Guardian Angel has worked closely with educational consultants, mental health agencies, adolescent programs, and law enforcement agencies. 

  Guardian Angel has successfully provided domestic service to clients in all fifty states and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Salvador, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, American & Western Samoa, Japan, Singapore, Tanzania, and England.

In addition to transporting “at-risk” adolescents, Guardian Angel also provides confidential V.I.P. transportation services. This service is most often utilized by “high-profile” clients needing secured youth services for family members in a safe and discreet manner. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of professional & confidential service to all our clients.

  Our agents are

educated and field-trained in:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Substantive Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Family Intervention
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Crisis Intervention & Verbal De-escalation
  • *C.P.I. (Non-violent Crisis Prevention Intervention)
  • *C.P.I. Instructor
  • *T.A.C.T. 2 (Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques)
  • *Mandt (Advanced Conflict Resolution & Restraint Reduction)
  • *C.T.R.T. (Crisis Trauma Resolution Therapist)
  • *W.F.R. (Wilderness First Responder)
  • *D.D.T. (Detention Detainment Techniques)
  • Behavioral & Learning Disorders (O.D.D./A.D.D. …)
  • Special-Needs Children
  • Substance Abuse
  • Advanced First Aid
  • *Courses recognized for national certification in training of
    crisis prevention, crisis intervention, de-escalation, and physical restraint.

Crisis Prevention Institute

Tact-2 Training in Crisis Intervention

The Mandt System

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